Sunday, 20 January 2013

Boys Dance Too

I recently came across this great photo on facebook:

I checked the source and found it was from a fantastic website selling dance wear for men and boys only. They have everything a boy needs for dance class. The owners knew how frustrating it is for boys to find what they need, so decided to source really great items for every boy dancer out there. At Tippy Toes Ballet we love having boys in our classes, and we thougth we would showcase our favourite items from just for the boys!

Statement Tee - $16
Statement Pullover £28
Sweats with Boysdancetoo logo $25

Boysdancetoo gift bundle £6
Tote bag $22

What do you think? I especially love the tote bag for all of those parents bursting with pride that their little guy dances too!
Love Nicola x

P.S. We have entered the Top Dance Blog competition, please check out our post here and give us your vote!

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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Top Dance Blog Contest - We'd love your help!

Tippy Toes Ballet Blog is fairly new, but it was certainly born from a huge passion.

Not only did Emma and I want to bring fun, imaginative ballet classes to little ballerina's, we wanted to share our love of ballet and knowledge online. Our blog is a place to share everything we know and love with parents, other teachers and dancers in the making.

We really hope that you like our blog as much as we do, and would love your helping hand!

Over at the wonderful site, Dance Advantage, there is a yearly contest to find the top dance blogs on the internet.

Tippy Toes Ballet has entered the Teacher Talk category, and we would love your vote!

There are three rounds, the first round consists of entering and writing this post. For the second round, we need as many comments on this post by our followers as possible to get through to the final round!

So here is what you need to do if you would like to back us:

Write a comment on this post below in the box, and show your support for Tippy Toes Ballet!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Love Nicola x

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Friday, 4 January 2013

Crafterina, a wonderful craft resource for parents and tiny dancers.

I was so excited to come across Crafterina.
Crafterina is a crafty storybook that tells the story of a ballerina who makes crafts to help with her dancing adventures. By using her imagination whilst crafting, she makes her dreams come to life.
What an adorable way for any parent to encourage and play with their own little ballet dancer, and become involved in their love of dance.

Crafterina was created by professional dancer, teacher and visual artist, Vanessa Salgado who wanted to help parents expose their children to the arts and encourage them to play and create.
Vanessa's love of the arts and teaching children is emulated throughout her beautiful website and vision for Crafterina.

Crafterina doesn't begin and end with one storybook. Their are lots of affordable printable crafts to buy on etsy such as this gorgeous ballet theatre:

...and these lovely flash cards that would make a wonderful gift for any aspiring ballet dancer:

On the Crafterina website, I especially love the create page with tutorials for many ballet related crafts such as a no sew tutu, foam fairy wands and a tinsel tiara.
I also really like the resourceful how-to-guides for parents on the dance page with beautiful illustrations showing parents how to make a ballet bun, prepare ballet shoes, and other great tips. There is also a glossary of dance and ballet vocabulary. 

I was so drawn to Crafterina because at Tippy Toes Ballet we love to inspire our little dancers to use their imaginations and create. We think that if you can capture that in a young child and encourage it, then that child will grow up to believe in their own creativity.

To take a look at the Crafterina website click here.
Or visit the Crafterina facebook page here.

Love Nicola x

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