Friday, 28 December 2012

A Ballet New Year!

What are your New Year Resolutions? Are you a ballet dancer in training making firm plans to get more flexible? Work on your turn out? Strengthen those ankles?

If so here are a few items I found to help you become a stronger ballet dancer in  2013

Portable Ballet Barre £145 from Just Ballet
This easily adjustable portable barre means that you can practice in your bedroom at home.

Wobble Board from Dance Direct £24.95
This wobble board is fantastic for strengthening your feet and ankles for pointe work. These are recommended by physiotherapists.

Bunheads Latex Band from Dance Direct £5.95
This latex band will flex muscles, increase fitness, strength and flexibility.

Conditioning for Dance from Amazon

 Eric Franklin’s Conditioning for Dance will help you achieve higher jumps, tighter turns and more tension-free lift by: Strengthening your core using Thera-Band Exercise Bands. The book also features 170 imagery illustrations and a 20 minute full-body warm-up routine.

New York City Ballet - The Complete Workout [DVD] from Amazon
Strengthen your ballet body with this holistic fitness programme formerly used exclusively by the New York Ballet Company

What a great mantra for the new year, what do you think?
Love Nicola x

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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Ballet Quotes and Inspiration

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Love Nicola x

Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Benefits of Ballet

Photo's by Claremont Photography
Photograph's by Claremont Photography

At Tippy Toes we are promoting creativity in children through ballet, a space where children come to learn and express themselves. Our classes combine all the skills of ballet with the additional benefits of musicality and fun and are designed so that they nurture children’s creativity, energy and spirit - we encourage children creatively to be themselves.

There are so many valuable skills that children can gain from attending a dance class, not only the physical benefits but also: self-confidence, discipline, dedication, self-awareness, team work, negotiation, self-esteem, and concentration to name but a few.

Photo by Claremont photography
Photograph by Claremont Photography

Dance also makes an enormous contribution to our physical, social and creative health and well-being and has a powerful effect on children’s lives. We want to see the physical, emotional, mental and social benefits of dance extended to as many children as possible.

“We think about the world in all the ways that we experience it, we think visually, we think in sound, we think aesthetically, we think in abstract terms we think in movement”

Sir Ken Robinson said that “Creativity is as important in education as is literacy and it should be treated with the same status” we also believe that not enough value is put on creativity in all schools and we would love to see dance and other forms of art given a higher ranking in the education system.

We believe that “finding your passion changes everything” we hope to encourage children to find their passion at Tippy Toes Ballet, capture their imagination; provide enjoyment through movement and “sparkle and shine”.

Photo's by Claremont Photography
Photograph's by Claremont Photography

If you are interested in Sir Ken Robinsons complete lecture on creativity it can be seen at the link below:

Do you have an opinion on creativity in schools? If so, we would love to hear it, just leave us a comment below or chat with us on Facebook

Love Emma x

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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Tippy Toes Ballet Merchandise Sale!

We have launched our very own little merchandise shop! We currently have t-shirts, water bottles and bags for sale. We thought any one of them would be a lovely stocking filler for your little ballet dancer!
If you enter BUSYSANTA at the checkout you can get 20% off from 30th Nov - 2nd Dec!

To visit our shop click here

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Just Ballet

Photograph by Linda Blacker

I have come across the perfect online shop for all things ballet. Just ballet is a family run company with over 25 years of ballet dancing experience. Who better qualified to bring us the best ballet items, than actual ballet dancers!
What I love about this shop is that not only does it specifically sell items for ballet dancers, each item has been beautifully handpicked.
What strikes me about this shop is that it has a certain class that some other dance shops don't possess.

Take a look at my favourite items from the shop:

Degas skirted Meryl leotard
Just Ballet Skirted Leotard

Degas camisole Meryl leotard

Intermezzo lace back ballet leotard

Photograph by Linda Blacker
Just Ballet Tiered Skirt and Professional blue sequinned tutu

Photograph by Linda Blacker
Ivory Dress
Cinderella or Sugarplum professional pink tutu

Those Degas leotards are absolutely stunning! For more beautiful ballet items, take a look at their gorgeous website here or check out their facebook page here 

Happy Wednesday, and keep dancing!
Love Nicola x

Friday, 23 November 2012

Ballet Quotes and Inspiration

I hope these quotes and beautiful photo's inspire you. 

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Happy Friday!
Love Nicola x

Thursday, 22 November 2012

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Spring Celebration Ballet Lottie Doll Review

On Friday at Tippy Toes Ballet class in Hitchin, we had some fun with Spring Celebration Ballet Lottie Doll in our 6-7 year old class. She is made by Arklu and the girls absolutely loved her! I promised them that they could take her home for a week at a time to play with her, and they promised that they wouldn't lose her ballet shoes since they can be taken off. But they said it was lucky that she came with a shoe bag to keep them in!                            

Ciara loved her tutu and the flowers on it.

Lowri wanted to hold her forever and Kira couldn't wait to take her home for a week.

Leah loved her soft hair, and they all loved how her arms and legs could be put into ballet positions so she could be made to dance the same steps that they do in our class. 
They also commented on how pretty she was, and personally this really stands out to me with these Lottie dolls.  Arklu's misson has been to create a doll body that is properly 'childlike' with no make-up, jewellery or high heels. 

My little ballerina's could really relate to Lottie, therefore it was love at first sight! At Tippy Toes Ballet we encourage our students to be themselves and love who they are, so Lottie's Motto which is "Be Bold, be brave, be you" is entirely appropriate.

Take a look at Arklu's website for more information on Spring Celebration Ballet Lottie Doll.

Love Nicola & the Tippy Toes Ballerina's x

Friday, 16 November 2012

Ballet Quotes and Inspiration

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Have a happy friday!
Love Nicola x

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Tutu's for little girls.

Does your little ballerina have a party coming up, or do you need some inspiration for what to dress her in at Christmas?
Here are some gorgeous tutu's perfect for the gorgeous little girl in your life.

Angels Face Pettiskirt Tutu Rose Pink £35

Tutu Couture Tutu £16

Bob and Blossom Girls Tutu £35

Lilac Lola Tutu £29.99

Pink Spotty Tutu £20
Vintage Pink Tutu £39

Do you have any tutu recommendations? If so please leave a comment below or connect with us on facebook

Love Nicola x

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