Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Just Ballet

Photograph by Linda Blacker

I have come across the perfect online shop for all things ballet. Just ballet is a family run company with over 25 years of ballet dancing experience. Who better qualified to bring us the best ballet items, than actual ballet dancers!
What I love about this shop is that not only does it specifically sell items for ballet dancers, each item has been beautifully handpicked.
What strikes me about this shop is that it has a certain class that some other dance shops don't possess.

Take a look at my favourite items from the shop:

Degas skirted Meryl leotard
Just Ballet Skirted Leotard

Degas camisole Meryl leotard

Intermezzo lace back ballet leotard

Photograph by Linda Blacker
Just Ballet Tiered Skirt and Professional blue sequinned tutu

Photograph by Linda Blacker
Ivory Dress
Cinderella or Sugarplum professional pink tutu

Those Degas leotards are absolutely stunning! For more beautiful ballet items, take a look at their gorgeous website here or check out their facebook page here 

Happy Wednesday, and keep dancing!
Love Nicola x

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